вторник, 21 июля 2009 г.

Payment Help Mturk in World

My name is Taras, I am using the Mechanical Turk as you.
For the first time it was a little bit hard for me to transfer my earned
money to my WebMoney (http://www.wmtransfer.com). I have spent two weeks bofore I got the way out.
Duy to the complicated method I have no time and reasons to explain it.
But I can give a little support!
I mean a support for people who wants to earn but not to be warry how to receive money.
I'll take percents as a fee for my time. Don't worry I give the examples of calculations and
yon'll see that it is easier to take my offer then spend time looking for a method
to transfer the money.
For example:
you have 50-100$ - mediator (bank) takes 25% - I take 15% - you receive 60%.
you have 100-300$ - mediator (bank) takes 20% - I take 10% - you receive 70%.
you have 300-500% - mediator (bank) takes 15% - I take 5% - you receive 80%.

One week - you have Money!

For more information use

or this blog!


I give a chance to people:
I transfer money from to my Webmoney account, http://wmtransfer.com/ (it’s distinguished organization) and then I send money to account of customer (he must register on Webmoney and creat his wallet there, http://start.wmtransfer.com/) after what he can take his money (need bank account in country of your residence (your country))

Remember that webmoney payment system is very popular.

I have an Initial certificate in WebMoney.